Wildlife Rehabilitation in Northwest Arkansas

*Please note, every effort has been made to ensure this list is up to date as of May 2020, but circumstances often change especially during the coronavirus pandemic which may affect those listed here.

Found an animal in need? Contact a licensed rehabber below:

The Arkansas Game & Fish Commission offers 2 PDFs as a directory of licensed wildlife rehabilitators, separated by those who accept birds and those who accept non-birds: Non-bird Rehabilitators by County in Arkansas (PDF) and Bird Rehabilitators by County in Arkansas (PDF)

Animal Help Now (serving the entire United States) helps you contact a rehabber nearest you and also offers quick guides for many animal emergency situations!

A wild red-eared slider hatchling held by Joyce Hicks before release.

Morningstar Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Gravette, AR (native birds only, including raptors) contact Lynn Scuimbato at (479) 633 – 1908 wildlife@mc2k.com

Tender Heart Wildlife Rehabilitation, Berryville, AR (rabbits and opossums only, according to AR Game & Fish directory) contact Andrea White (870) 350-4189 thwr@cox.net

NW Arkansas Turtle Rehabilitation Center Bella Vista, AR (only wild and native turtles/tortoises, water or land turtles) contact Joyce Hicks (972) 571 – 8247

A chipmunk climbs a screen door.

How to Become a Wildlife Rehabilitator

Read this one-page Fact Sheet designed by the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission (2014) to learn how you can become a licensed wildlife rehabilitator in Arkansas.

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