Sun Tea and Solar Cookers

Let the sun say “Be Our Guest” and put its service to the test!

_DSC3457This week’s Making Ripples column in the Free Weekly is about harnessing the sun’s energy to cook food and beverages. Sun tea is an easy way to begin your solar cooking adventures, but check out the column to make sure you avoid harmful bacteria that can grow in your tea. For cooking meals, side dishes, or baking in a solar cooker, here are some links to get you started learning about the three main kinds of cookers and the differences between them, as well as the most common models and even DIY models.  I’ve been wanting to buy a solar cooker for about a year now (here is my first solar cooker meal attempt in 2012) so hopefully this summer things will materialize for Ripples to begin solar cooking demos and more – the possibilities are endless if we get a good model and learn how to do this!

Solar Cookie Video

All-American Sun Ovens

Which Type of Cooker Should I Buy?

Panel Cookers

Solar Cookers International

SunCookers (a 20-minute documentary)

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Hehe, what a lovely use of the beauty and the beast quote! And, I’m looking forward to the difficult, perhaps impossible – a solar-cooked cake. 🙂

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