Sketches of Nature

First in a series of nature sketches on recycled paper.

I drew this while thinking of the squirrels and the brightly colored fall maple trees.  Hopefully we will have maple trees on our land someday.  It’s hard to envision exactly what it will look like, and I guess I’m afraid to do so because what if nothing like that exists?  I’m open to all types of land, both old wilderness and newer forests.  But I do hope for nice trees and a little brook or stream running through it.  Even rocky soil would be a blessing, because it looks beautiful and we’re prepared to nurture the topsoil in a small patch of land for a vegetable garden, as well as grow food in a greenhouse or indoors in pots.

Imaginary Autumn Tree

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I love it! Especially the colors!


Thank you! Fall is my favorite time of year.

Debbie Hackney

I love your sketch of the autumn tree. Gives me hopes of this freezing YUK to go away to view this beauty once again. Great job!


beautiful sketch. Dream, dream more & then act.

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