Wildlife Rehabilitation in Northwest Arkansas

Found an Animal in Need? Contact a Wildlife Rehabilitator Using the DIRECTORY Below!

A rescued chipmunk before and after its rest with us.

We’ve put together a resource of everything we know about wildlife rehabilitation in the USA, Arkansas, and specifically Northwest Arkansas in case this blog post can be of service to you! We are not licensed rehabilitators and do not take in animals ourselves (although Lynn Scuimbato of Morningstar Wildlife Rehabilitation Center has talked us through an overnight chipmunk rescue). Instead of rehabbing, we try to help both people and planet through our Ripples project. Helping native wildlife is only part of what we do. Learn more About Us.

This week’s Making Ripples in the Free Weekly is all about local wildlife rehabilitators – superheros and heroines of any native universe.  Check out the links below to locate a rehabilitator, learn more about native species, or find out the technical details on becoming a certified wildlife rehabilitator!


Northwest Arkansas Wildlife Rehabilitators

*Please note, every effort has been made to ensure this list is up to date at time of publication, but circumstances often change and you may need to try several numbers before reaching an available rehabilitator. More rehabilitators may exist in your area than are listed here; searching online may be of help.

Morningstar Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Gravette, AR: contact Lynn Scuimbato at (479)795-1515 (only accepts birds)

Toodie Laswell Gentry, AR (479) 233 – 1751 (all native species except birds)

Dianna Kinsey Berryville, AR (816) 387-9320 (only squirrels)

Joyce Hicks Bella Vista, AR (972) 571 – 8247 (only turtles)

Cheryl Swartout, Springdale AR: (479) 502 – 2843 (all native species except birds)

Daniel Jones, Lincoln AR: (479) 824 – 5837 (mammals only)


Wildlife Rehabilitator Listings for Arkansas

Rescue Shelter Listings for Arkansas


How to Become a Wildlife Rehabilitator

Information on how to become a rehabber, migratory bird rehabber listings and more (Arkansas Game & Fish Commission)

How Do I Become a Rehabber? Fact Sheet (AGFC)

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In Prairie Grove

Debbie DeShields

Looking for someone to take a baby chipmunk. Was injured yesterday by a cat. Made it through the night. If anyone knows of someone please call me at 4793191976. Thanks!


Found a baby’s squirrel 479-715-9730

Tasha McDaniel

I need an answer as to where I might can take a bird that we found sitting on the ground, not able to fly and upon picking it up we noticed it’s left eye was protruding out of its head but we think it is an old injury because there was no blood it was just kinda crusty.. Thank you,
Tasha McDaniel


I found a injured raven in my backyard last night. Is their anyone in the area that could help this bird? Please contact me 479-871-1604


As of June 2018 Lynn at “Morningstar Wildlife Rehabilitation Center” is willing to accept more birds than listed above. I followed the general advice of making a shoebox nest for fledglings that had lost theirs, then called her to follow up. She was able to look at pictures of them and give me the best advice for moving forward. A++!