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We get  questions from some followers about what Ripples means, what subjects we cover, whether we would donate to a particular organization based on mission match, and whether we would print materials on a certain topic.  This post is in response to those questions, but, it’s also just a fun way to explore some of the things we’ve covered in the past and what we intend to cover in the future! Visit our About page for more details about us.

Our Topics

Ripples’ posts generally fall into two categories:

  1. sharing our story about our journey to live healthy, sustainable lives (including diet, transportation, etc)
  2. explaining our various projects helping the environment and promoting social justice, while assisting non-profits

What that looks like in real time, though, is flying squirrels, chocolate, and web design, which don’t really seem to go together :) But they do! Promise. Ripples has a bunch of posts that simply share our personal experiences with trying to live the best we can, such as helping wildlife, cooking with local, organic ingredients and repairing a straw hat that otherwise would go to the landfill. These posts aren’t expert advice, although we do make efforts to include the best tips and strategies we can find on raising goats, for instance.  We’re basically just telling our story and trying to get people excited about living sustainably, ’cause it really is rewarding and fulfilling.

We welcome anyone and everyone to contribute their own experience and knowledge for our two Wikis, one on sustainability and the other on helping non-profits become more effective at saving the planet and the other awesome things they may do. We’re involved in non-profit work because it’s so important in creating a better world – we need everyone to get involved in something they care about.  So, Ryan assists organizations with technology needs, and I assist organizations in building their capacity.  We occasionally write posts on non-profit topics, too, because it’s part of our personal story and useful to others who may also want support.

Ripples has a bunch of ongoing projects, too, like the Wikis which are horribly under-developed (thus I’m not linking you to them yet, LOL! work in progress) but also ones we don’t talk much about, such as writing postcards to World Wildlife Fund rangers working to save endangered tigers and other species.  Our personal Ripples-related projects are more entrepreneurial in nature, such as my organic & allergen-free vegan cookies and Ryan’s non-profit technology consultations.  Both these projects help the world get just a little more sustainable, by increasing the organic food market and improving organizations working to build trails, for example.  We write blog posts on topics like starting a cookie business because it’s a huge part of our story and we want to share how it’s possible to funnel not only volunteer projects but paid work into helping the environment and promoting social justice.

Tying it All Together

Ryan & I see it like this: we can make a difference in our own life by making personal choices, we can make a difference in the lives of others by writing blog posts and a wiki to share what we learned, and we can make a difference in the world by helping organizations make a bigger difference with more effective practices.  So while I’m on the ground feeding hummingbirds during their migration, I’m also writing a blog post to inspire others to help wildlife, putting hummingbird information into Ripples’ wiki, volunteering to send postcards to rangers saving endangered species, and getting paid to sell organic cookies and donate 10% of sales to the National Wildlife Federation while using the rest of the money to reduce our impact on the planet by purchasing a solar cooker.  That’s just one example of how Ripples ties all these topics together.  We’re not perfect at this yet – we envision a blog that’s far more reader-interactive in the future, as we introduce new features.  I can’t wait until the day where a percentage of Ripples’ content (outside of posts) comes from you readers, and promotes the great work I know so many of you are doing!


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