We’re getting ready to build our earthbag house…and you’re invited!

I’m not sure how to write this post.  This will be a refreshing change from writing how-to guides, recipes, or links to factual and inspirational sites on the internet.  This post is what is literally going on at Ripples this week!  It isn’t about the future or dreaming, it’s about right now.  For some reason I think “right now” details will sound boring to you.  But they’re very exciting to me!

We bought our earthbag house plans from Owen Geiger, popular earthbag and natural building architect who holds two engineering degrees.  You can buy several different kinds of home design plans here on his website or read his blog, Natural Building Blog, to learn more about the process of building with earthbags.

This is Amanda writing, just so you know, even though I write most of the blog posts now that Ryan’s a techie superstar. 😉  He’s been successfully helping non-profit organizations with their websites.  Despite his behind-the-scenes status, it’s super important work to help non-profits have a strong web presence, which attracts donors and informs volunteers while also chronicling the data from past successes (such as photographs of events).  My work in 2013 is to heal from surgery and start researching data to help us make decisions on the house and our direction as a couple dedicated to service.

I’ve been picking out a compost toilet, flooring, wall color, bathtub, sinks, stair railing, roof material, cabinets and other house parts.  Still no definite decision on anything, since we’re making a budget and checking it twice.  But we did buy the house plans, which is a huge step forward for us!  You can see what the downstairs will look like in the photo.  I’ve been researching greywater and aquaponics systems, and having many a dream about future “pet” fish, turtles, plants, hamsters, bunnies and mice who may all have a role to play in our homestead.  (More on that in next week’s Making Ripples column! Cuteness!)

My working hours aren’t all dedicated to Ripples.  Sometimes I’m working at the Himalayan Mountain Shop, which is fun.  We’ve also been having setbacks this week with administrative errors in our insurance company (they kept our account open and deposited our monthly premium payments, but told the hospital and every provider that I didn’t have an insurance account!).  Unfortunately, things like this draw my time away from Ripples’ work.  Ripples itself is hard to manage in combination with this blog, since today my focus was on Ripples’ cookie customers and writing the next Making Ripples column while trying to figure out where to build the aquaponics beds.

(Munches pumpkin cookie) “Hey Ryan, you okay with turtles? I mean if they appeared in our house.”

“Live turtles? Inside? Sure I guess.”

“And ducklings, too! Maybe in the bathroom sink. I’m picking out a bathroom sink and this one full of ducklings is my top choice.” :) Just kidding.



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