After receiving our eviction notice, we’re getting ready to move.

We have two lovely wood bookshelves, tall and inexpensive, that need a new home.  Anyone interested in taking them?  We’ll either barter, swap, trade etc or you can have both for $20.

Now a little bit about where we’re headed, as promised last week.  Sorry about the delay in writing this post; I’ve been soaking up the time we have here and spending some days cuddling, crying, and planning with Ryan, Solo and Boca. As it should be.

The new living space isn’t quite ready yet – it’s currently being used as storage and the kitchen isn’t finished.  It’s in a type of basement with a door at ground level in back leading outside.  And that part is what I’m excited about – the outside.  Just like the secret garden, this place needs some loving kindness bestowed upon it, and major hard work.  Have you heard of WWOOFing? Willing Workers on Organic Farms reminds me of the frame I’m using to psychologically adapt to this transition, followed by our big move into the new homestead in 2013.

WWOOFing involves living with someone else in a work exchange agreement, wearby you farm a lot and learn a lot and the person benefits from your labor.  This is similar to our situation, living in someone else’s house as a sort of “homestead test drive” if you will.  We’ll be learning a lot about starting an organic garden, keeping up a yard, trail maintenance and habitat creation.  I’ve been told the place has lots of wildlife, including many types of birds, deer, raccoon, possum, fox, etc.  Not to mention…the owner has two great cats that live upstairs and outside, one of which is very soft with the cutest meow in the world!

Well, if there are animals, then I’ll be ok. :)

Because I want to respect the privacy of the owner, I’m not going to tell you where it’s located or the address.  But there will be pictures coming soon of our moving process and the land around the house, especially the garden as it takes on new life, and photos of the wildlife we hope to encounter.

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