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Get the scoop about composting toilets!

This week’s issue of The Free Weekly includes a Making Ripples column dedicated to helping you pick out your very own composting toilet.  My mention of “several readers” (names left out) wanting to purchase a composting toilet was cut out of the column, maybe for space considerations, but it’s worth stating that so many people have asked me about composting toilets during the past month that I felt the topic was relevant, as families are trying to decide which model to build or install. Ryan and I are leaning towards a Sun-Mar self-contained unit, but I’m still undecided because the reviews point to problems with the design.  There are so many options, and it’s not like picking out curtains!

What I’m most excited about is conserving drinkable water with a dry toilet. For more information about water, such as the fact that women spend 200 million hours a day collecting water, check out Water.org or visit this infographic illustrating the Global Water Crisis.  Also, here is a great, concise Prezi presentation by Travis Hitchcock about Freshwater:

On Wednesday night, I made my first rain barrel for our future homestead and garden!

I got four decent photos before my camera battery died.  But I’ll be painting our barrel in the coming year and taking photos of it’s progress into it’s new home once we’ve built the earthbag house and started a new garden.  How exciting to be building towards this dream, no matter what!  Every week brings something new to Ripples, whether it’s a full-length mirror for our handmade bathroom, an old stool to be decoupaged with animal photos (more on that later!) or from this week, a rain barrel!  Next week might even contain a bathroom sink, we’ll see :) View full article »

Honoring the homesteading spirit of Spencer West.

This morning as I sip my peppermint tea and eat a gluten-casein-soy-egg-free blueberry muffin from New Day Bakery, it doesn’t matter that the doctors told me what I’m doing is impossible.  After watching this video, I’m giving myself new options that the doctors said I didn’t have.  Who cares that I’ve spent the last 3 days curled up around a toilet or on someone’s couch, when today I (once again) regained the ability to walk without pain? These little gains are important, because that’s what is going to help build our earth bag homestead and enable me to continue giving my best efforts to Ripples and our incredible international network of change makers. Never give up. View full article »

Gushing over the beauty of small waterfalls and streams in the rain!

It’s worth it not to drive a car.  Even though I’m running behind today, I just had to share these pictures taken yesterday of our little waterfalls we pass by on the way into town.  The really pretty ones from the stream haven’t been taken yet because I was up to my ankles in mud and tree cover prevented the use of an umbrella in the steady rain, but as soon as I can I’ll run out to the woods and post some pictures of it soon.  Maybe I’ll even see a frog or snake! Also, superglue is not an effective waterproofing technique for boots.

Waterfall under Rock Street bridge

The stream that follows my path into town

My first steady rain in our new home!

It may seem like a simple thing to make an entire post about, but living closely with nature is what Ryan & I are striving towards.  And, last night, it rained for the first time since moving here.  We could crack open the windows and listen to the rain, as I’m doing right now, while we slept.  There is a bed of leaves all over the grass, patio, and steps around the house, so the rain makes more distinct sounds than it does on pavement.  It crinkles somehow, even though the leaves are no longer dry, and reminds me of horses trotting and audience members snapping their fingers at a poetry reading.

Ow, Boca just dive-bombed my head and knocked my glasses off! Eh, that’ll be a bruise…ok enough poetic romancing of the rain.  It’s beautiful. I like it. The End. :)