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The light bulb came on above my head while watching this film.

Solar Mamas was presented to a small Fayetteville Public Library audience at 2:00 this afternoon. It showed how the Barefoot College in India is training women to become solar engineers.  I watched it like I have viewed many documentaries, but in this unusual case I realized just how much Ripples has changed the way I engage with new information. I didn’t want to donate money to the impoverished people on the screen; rather, I wanted to pay them to teach me their skills. View full article »

Here are some Ripples blog statistics:

  • 120 Facebook Likes
  • 10,203 Views on Posts
  • 89 Countries with Readers (since February 2012)

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Honoring the homesteading spirit of Spencer West.

This morning as I sip my peppermint tea and eat a gluten-casein-soy-egg-free blueberry muffin from New Day Bakery, it doesn’t matter that the doctors told me what I’m doing is impossible.  After watching this video, I’m giving myself new options that the doctors said I didn’t have.  Who cares that I’ve spent the last 3 days curled up around a toilet or on someone’s couch, when today I (once again) regained the ability to walk without pain? These little gains are important, because that’s what is going to help build our earth bag homestead and enable me to continue giving my best efforts to Ripples and our incredible international network of change makers. Never give up. View full article »

The dress in my dreams finally manifested into my reality.

For two years, I’ve been having this dream about walking barefoot through the yard of our homestead towards the mailbox to check the mail, along a row of bamboo blowing in the breeze.  100% of the time, I’m wearing a dress.  You know, the kind of Hippie, artsy and slightly exotic sundress that half the women at the Farmer’s Markets usually wear? View full article »

If you like peanut butter cookies, try these gluten-free ones!

This funny video comes from our friend Chris Marino and his class in the town of Mushaisa, Colombia! It is hilarious and a really upbeat way to think about gluten-free baking; there’s tons of options out there and you can really have fun with it too!  These students didn’t try to make a specifically gluten-free recipe, but they had fun with one anyway.  Even though I can’t eat eggs right now, I could use egg replacer in this simple recipe:

1 cup PB
1 cup sugar
1 egg

Not Lost.  Just exactly where I’m supposed to be.

On Saturday I spent several hours wandering slowly around town visualizing what I wanted my sustainable life to be like. A guy at the Farmer’s Market noticed this, gave me a funny look, and asked, “Ha, are you lost? You have such a big smile on your face but you look lost at the same time!”

“No, I’m just happy,” was my response. True story. View full article »

Check out the new Earth Charter Blog!

It’s being launched by the Youth Task Force of the Earth Charter Initiative – United Nations.  This is a work in progress, because it’s so new and not quite finished yet.  All are welcome to write a post for this blog.  Check out the submission guidelines to learn more about how you can submit!  We need guest bloggers.

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Make Santa’s magic bag sustainable and fair this year!

Check out these great holiday gift guides from organizations we support: View full article »

Living “sustainably” isn’t only helping the environment.

The closer it gets to Halloween, the more I think about Fair Trade.  Why?  Well, you’ll have to wait for Halloween to find out! There may even be a sweet treat for one lucky reader (randomly drawn) who comments about Fair Trade on this post between now and October 31st! View full article »

It isn’t the quesadilla, it’s the connection. View full article »