Springtime Sugar Cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting

New organic cookie flavors available at Ripples!

With the spring comes new life, and with new life comes new ways to eat cookies! 🙂

Cream Cheese Frosting

Springtime Sugar Cookies

I LOVE cookies, especially spring ones.  It’s really fun making bunny shapes and coloring frosting.  This spring, you can get pastel bunnies, flowers, and egg nests from Ripples. Each cookie has cream cheese frosting, and the nests have chocolate eggs in the centers (the chocolate is not organic, unfortunately).


I’m also offering a new flavor, Lavender Chocolate Chip! Both of these new flavors are organic and fair trade, except if you order nests with chocolate eggs.  If you’d like to order and receive your cookies at the Farmer’s Market or Library on Saturdays, I’ll be in town making deliveries.


Springtime Sugar Cookies: $10 per dozen

Lavender Chocolate Chip: $1.50 for 3 cookies, $3 for 6, or $6 for a full dozen

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Lovely cookies you have there! =)


Thanks! It’s tons of fun making them, and they taste like cheesecake 🙂