What’s more adorable than a baby raccoon trying to go up the stairs? A BUNCH of baby raccoons!

Raccoon babies can handle stairs quickly, but sometimes they trip and tumble.

Waffles watching out for danger.

Waffles getting into my neighbor’s cat food. We could clearly see that she was nursing her babies.

The old cat Romeo sits casually nearby while Waffles takes a drink of water from his bowl.

Rapidly waddling raccoon baby butts with ringed tails is the best way to wake up in the morning :) Waffles is the taller one in the middle right.

Baby raccoons scavenging for food in the leaves. A group of raccoons is called a “gaze,” and I could gaze at them all day!

Raccoon family patrolling the backyard like they do every morning and some evenings.

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