Welcome to the New Ripples!

After dozens of hours of effort, the new-and-we-hope-improved Ripples is here!  If you’re actually on our web page, let me tell you a bit about where you are.

Most other “renewable” web hosts achieve their green status by purchasing “renewable energy credits.”  They still use coal or gas power, but they buy credits that fund the production and distribution of renewable energy sources.

Solar panels powering AISO’s data center, where information from Ripples blog gets stored.

We didn’t feel that went far enough.  These web hosts make grand claims like “join us and get unlimited online storage space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited everything!!!”  As anyone who digs into resource-management literature quickly discovers, the earth is not an infinite resource.  Things, even crazily abundant things (like passenger pigeons),  run out.  There’s a whole freaking lot of space out there, but ultimately it is limited.  Giving the illusion of infinity is a fundamentally flawed approach to resources.  This perspective demonstrates the kind of mentality that guides the business model of these hosts.

Thus, we chose AISO.net as our website host.  They are based out of the US southwest, and have created and maintain 100% solar-powered data centers, from which they serve up web space to people ’round the globe.  In simpler terms, you have planted your digital feet on a website that pulls all of the power that makes its existence possible straight from the sun!

Though we have limitations on how much information we can store on our website, we strongly believe this is the most responsible place for Ripples to live.  Well, at least that we’re currently aware of.  If some enterprising inventor hooks a website up to a wave-motion generator and finds a way to craft the hardware and transmit the information via purely organic, non-industrial means, we’d probably go with that solution.  But until that day, we’ll free our soul to soar with solar.

We would love to have company.  :)


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