Seeking out alternative transportation for a car-free lifestyle choice.

“And the rain rain rain came down down down…”

Some of my favorite moments from Winnie-the-Pooh are during the flood scene, when Piglet writes a message and throws it out the window, and Pooh uses a honey jar to float along to Christopher Robin’s house.  Now that’s alternative transportation! But a bit too extreme for us, as we don’t fit into a honey jar.  So what can we do when it’s raining for days and days, and Ryan’s commute to Ozark Natural Foods is 2 hours per day walking (in rainy weather) and 45 minutes bicycling?  Shouldn’t there be another alternative to car ownership, rather than walking one hour to work an 8-hour shift and walk one hour back home with wet feet?

We’ve been tossing around this idea of starting a Co-op for transportation.  Maybe one already exists and that would be wonderfully awesome of you to tell us about it :)  But if not, how to start one?  It could be based in small groups, like a co-op for employees and/or owners of the co-op at ONF.  Or maybe we should be moving towards a veggie-oil van option for ONF owners and employees?

Another idea is to just barter something for rides during weather like today.  We could provide free cookies, services, or even cash for gas to someone who, like us, doesn’t need a car 100% of the time OR someone who is often driving around Ryan’s start & end times to shifts.  Which are:

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 11:00am – 7:00pm

Saturday & Sunday: 10:00am – 5:30pm ??? Ryan is this correct?

Ryan doesn’t have time to think about setting up a carpool, car borrowing, or transportation co-op. So I’m stepping up to see what I can do, and welcome your ideas, thoughts, suggestions. It frequently happens that someone offers a ride to Ryan just moments after he’s left for work or left ONF after his shift ended.  So we’ve seen a real possibility for setting up ride sharing, but how to organize it?

Does this sound interesting to you? What do you think would work best?

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