Have you ever had a chicken eat out of your hand?

I now aspire to become a chicken whisperer and make effective chicken noises.  I love the sound; it’s almost like the cats’ snoring.  Ahhh…to hear chickens every day!  When we visited Quinn’s friends Ron & Lisa, they introduced us to their chickens and let me feed them by hand!!  It was an intense experience – I have never been that close to a chicken or felt anything peck food from the palm of my hand before.  At first, I thought Dang! This is about to hurt, I wonder how much?

But it actually didn’t  hurt at all!  It was very rough though, because the chickens would bang their beaks into my palm as hard as possible, it seemed.  Sledge hammer beaks!  Yet I didn’t mind; just being close to them was so amazing.  They have very shiny multi-colored feathers and their heads go jerkily forward.  Sometimes they pop up out of a bush or from behind a rock and it’s hilarious to watch! Lisa & Ron had a front garden-type area that was really pretty, and instead of flowers, chickens were interspersed around the rocks and steps.  A chicken garden!  They were so fun to observe.

I really wish we’d gotten some photos of the chickens, and especially the hand-feeding moment, but the day was quite rushed.  This experience is my favorite memory from the trip.

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