Uncovering rocks in the garden’s former pathway is like an archaeological dig!

Yesterday was my first day in the garden.  After a passionate Dig In! festival Saturday to inspire me to grow, I wanted to get started right away and hopefully plant some peas.

It was ridiculously hard work because I hadn’t taken the time to buy various garden tools yet.  People with experience just told me to hoe it, or water it down and put cardboard over it with layers of mulch and compost.  But, I was told by the previous gardener that the soil was really great and so putting new layers over it and not using what was there seemed unnecessary. After a full day of hard labor by myself, however, maybe it’s worth it.

Here is a photo journal of the experience, which remarkably has not incapacitated me today as expected. The major accomplishments were digging out the rock pathway from 2 inches of soil & weeds, and using kitchen scissors to chop the large grasses down to the ground level. Yes, tedious and not too smart. But it’s done. YAY!

This is what the bed looks like now.  I still have to find a way to get the grass out and prepare the soil without taking too much time and planting too late because of increased temperatures this spring. I found a shovel and borrowed a hoe, but I’m not strong enough to use them properly or the roots and grass are too thick.  The garden bed is the size of a small truck bed.

Can anyone help me get ‘er going?

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