Here’s an update on how your guinea pig girl is doing. :)

Early in May, I began a healing daily routine to attempt to shrink my 8cm ovarian cyst naturally, without surgery.  I wrote about what I was trying in this post from May 13, 2012.

Before I give everyone the good news, it’s really important to mention a few things.  First, everyone’s body is different, and so healing methods should take your unique situation into account in order to restore balance.  That’s what this is all about – restoring balance.  In order to restore balance, you have to at least have a good idea about what’s out of balance, what’s causing your health problems, before addressing it.  Even then, humans are still in the early stages (even in terms of conventional medicine) of understanding things like the role diet plays in health and healing for a woman’s system.  Even conventional doctors are not 100% sure about what causes endometriosis, for example.  So before you try anything, I would suggest doing as much research as you possibly can, as well as talking to both conventional & unconventional doctors, consulting nutritionists, friends & colleagues.  Make an informed decision.

Healing yourself is mostly about you, and not just what has worked for me.

Now the good news! Today I celebrate 35 Days without pain from my ovarian cyst!  This duration of time is more than a full menstrual cycle, and in this time, I have not felt the sudden onset of debilitating pain, nausea and inability to walk which was formerly a part of my life since July 2011.  One must not jump to conclusions as to why the pain is gone – after all, I haven’t yet had a follow-up ultrasound to confirm the size of the cyst – so I am going with two possible explanations:

  1. For reasons unknown, be they medical or spiritual in nature, my pain is gone.
  2. Because of a positive attitude and immediate changes in diet & lifestyle, including supplements to restore hormonal balance, vitamins & other boosts to the immune system and liver, my pain is gone.

Whoo-hoo! YESSSSSSS!

A Long Healing Journey Ahead

This is a great start, but I’m not fooled into thinking I’m out of the woods yet.  Because of the added complexity of learning last month that I’m no longer allowed to eat gluten, dairy, eggs, or soy, I still have quite a journey ahead of me.  (See my post on Living Free for details)  Because my body has not been able to An digest food and absorb nutrients like it should, I’m underweight, desperately wanting to gain at least 10 pounds and more muscle.  I currently weigh 103 pounds and am 5’5”.

I am on a journey trying to heal my intestines, increase my weight and muscle, improve my energy level, and reduce the abdominal bloating, gas & diarrhea I still have, which all will help heal my ovarian cyst.  Not to mention making it easier for me to lift those earth bags and build our home off-grid! :)

Once I have my follow-up ultrasound, I’ll post the before-and-after pictures so you can see if there are changes. Here’s hoping the cyst will be gone!


Actually no my cyst never went away but the regime may have been a factor in it not growing any larger. I eventually had to have a laproscopy (Jan. 2012) and they removed my ovary, a large cyst, and stage 3 endometriosis which was all over my pelvic region. The pain, though, didn’t go away and I still deal with it most mornings, although it never escalates to an unbearable level anymore.
If it helps, I’ve remained a gluten-free (mostly) vegan (no meat or fish or animal products except occasional poultry) and I walk a lot and dance, drink 8 glasses+ water/day, and take probiotics. I also do qi gong and tai chi, and stretch often which really helps me. I’m not on any medications (and haven’t been since the surgery). And I weigh 106 pounds and am 5’6 now, maybe because of stretching, exercise and diet changes that corrected my spine or for other unknown reasons. I’m grateful to be alive and hope that, if you’re reading this, you don’t have to go through what I went through! Peace.

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