Green Cars are Greenest in Certain Cities

As Ryan & I decide on our best choice for transportation to & from our Ripples homestead in the future, we have many factors to consider.  The midwest isn’t necessarily the best place to own an electric vehicle, for one thing.  This infographic from fascinated me, and pushed me further in the direction of starting a car or truck co-operative among friends to share costs and avoid owning a personal vehicle that wouldn’t be used as often. What do you think?

Green Cars Infographic

  • Derek

    That’s fascinating! I’ve long suspected there was a relationship between the absolute efficiency of a “green vehicle” and the ultimate source of energy for that vehicle.

    I wish they had included an Arkansas city, I’d love to see what the numbers were like in a region where “Nuclear One” is part of the power supply mix!

    Meanwhile, my bicycle continues to produce health benefits for me and ZERO carbon emissions!

    • Amanda

      I know, right? Really interesting stuff. Bicycles are still the best. Good for you for biking and reducing your carbon emissions! I generally just love to walk, but it does take longer to get from place to place. Of course in the autumn it’s worth the extra time observing the bright colors!