Admiring and fearing one of the hardiest plants on earth.

I’d love to provide more scientific points on grass, since it’s very interesting, but for today I just wanted to share our two experiences with grass this week.  For me, grass is beautiful but in my way at the moment, as I try to hoe it out of the garden bed. A neighbor might help me in exchange for COOKIES! I love bartering with cookies, since I love receiving them but also giving them to trade for things I just can’t do alone, like sewing. And ripping up waist-high grass.

In Ryan’s experience, grass is the fearful thing that harbors ticks and chiggers, enabling them to feast upon his flesh.  Like some Hitchcock film, ticks can sense Ryan and go after him with accuracy.  We played a game on the ticks today: whenever we saw one of the big ones, we’d place our feet on either side of the tick and see which person’s foot the tick crawled towards.  It was Ryan’s! If he moved away, it changed direction and followed him!  He found about half a dozen ticks on his socks today.  I got none.  :)

Today we decided to build a type of entryway into our home design to allow for a precaution against bringing too many ticks into the house.  In this small doorway space, we can leave our socks & shoes etc. and even use a box that can heat up like a car trunk for getting rid of pests in the case of being covered with them.

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