Thanks for the encouraging words for Ripples’ Cookies! We’ve gotten the exact ratios for the frosting.  But the exciting news is that I’ve figured out how to put my designs into the frosting, as long as the cookies aren’t exposed to heat (above 70 degrees or direct sunlight) after being decorated. These designs are just experimental; I’m getting a feel for the new frosting.  My goal is to make designs look “rippled” to represent Ripples’ message of making positive change in the world; so, rather than straight lines, I’m trying to stick with swirls and shades of color (similar to a tie-dye effect) and avoid solid colors that don’t blend into each other (like on most piped-on frosting decorations).

What do you think?

Ethereal Blue Swirls

Forest Pine Tree

Fiery Hearts

Practicing Designs

Magical Winter Tree

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