Imagine, greeting cards that come with a special tea bag inserted inside!

Wrapped tea bag is inserted into cup!

A long time ago, a very special art mentor of mine named Linda was teaching me all about watercolor painting.  As an amazing artist, she could reproduce china teacups with just a brush, water and paints.  At the time I was just stretching my artists’ wings, and did not yet realize that water color painting would soon go into that category of dreams where lives “figure skating, Disney animator, and flying with birds”.  I was really into it.  So I saved her cards, very special cards with tea bags inserted into the painting of the cup (see images).

This year, I began thinking about what kind of cards I want to sell along with the cookies in my social profit.

Watercolor Tea Card

I wanted the cards to be environmentally friendly, so I bought banana paper.  But there it sat on the shelf, without inspiration of the designs I wanted to do. Then it occurred to me: tea goes with cookies, why not make tea cards?  True, I cannot do masterfully painted watercolor teacups, but I can draw teacups and use recycled materials to make creative collages.

As a supporter of fair trade, I’m going to include (as a start) Irish Breakfast Black Tea, Fair Trade Certified, with each card.

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