I’ve decided to start drying clothes outside.

Life is full of choices, and clotheslines are no different.  Now there are as many varieties of clotheslines as there are flavors of ice cream.  Although we have yet to pick a clothesline model, I do have experience just stringing up a line between two trees and using clothespins to hang wet clothes.  This time, I think we may choose a post model, although they can be as expensive as $235! So we won’t go that route if it costs that much; a simple line is fine for us. Check out the variety of clotheslines from the Clothesline Shop!

Not only are clotheslines a great way to enjoy more time outside, but they save a lot of money on the electric bill, too! Here’s a great post on the benefits of clotheslines from An Organic Wife.

As for us, I have inklings of an idea to make use of the space above the dilapidated unused swimming pool…if I could just string a loop line between the two banister railings on both sides of the surrounding deck, and then move the clothes out further as I attach more, it should be easy.  Or not, if the clothes fall into the debris in the middle of the pool! :)

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