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<< Part One of Our Current Cell Phone Strategy

Welcome to Part Two of our cell phone strategy!  Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Google Voice (GV)

Google Voice Logo

Google Voice does our phone-based heavy lifting.

GV is wonderful for a variety of reasons:

  1. You can text any cell phone in the US for free, and use a standard keyboard to do it.  It groups texts into conversations, which makes keeping track of who is saying what much easier.
  2. You can view all of your voicemails at once in an email-like interface.  Also, GV tries to transcribe your voicemails into text.  You can usually get the gist of a message from these, though they’re almost worth it more for the sometimes hilarious results (I swear I’ve seen a slightly slurred “talk to you later” turn into “taco to alligator”).
  3. Calls, texts, and voicemails can be forwarded to your email.  If you work on a computer frequently, this is super convenient.  You can also email voicemails and texts to people!
  4. GV can integrate with the Chrome browser, greatly extending its ease of use.  With this extension, you can see your call history and messages, text, or call people from any window while exploring the Internet.

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If more than $8/month per person, there’s a better way!  This method certainly can present some challenges, but growing used to it can easily save hundreds per year.  We won’t rest until we’ve cut every extraneous cost; every saved dollar brings us a step closer to affording the off-grid transition. View full article »