Bunnies at the Mailbox

What happens to a dream deferred? You mail it to yourself for next year.

Ryan & I just had a heavy conversation about our timeline to break ground on the homestead.  It does involve bunnies, I’m getting to that soon.

It dawned on us that building this Fall 2012 would be too soon in terms of finances and research.  We still haven’t found (or even started looking at) land, and need time to understand water systems, electrical wiring, roofing, green building with earth bags, passive solar, and all the less daunting homesteading skills like candle making, growing organic produce, and knowing what to do when facing a wild bear.

This decision was more than a bit sad for me, as I am impatient, and even today while trying to listen to the beautiful rain we were interrupted by the sound of cars nearly hitting each other at the Lafayette St. bridge.  After swallowing some tears with a cherry chocolate bar (the Koala Bar), we agreed it was the most logical decision to push back the build date until 2013.  As we settled into the decision, with our only consolation being another whole year to eat as much as we wanted to at Greenhouse Grille and Little Bread Co,  my visions of the homestead became starkly real in my mind only to fade tragically into the distant future…

I had a brief daydream of walking down a long dirt road in the early summer to collect our mail, to discover a tiny bunny huddled in the long grass near the mailbox.  (I told you there would be bunnies in this post!)  Ryan said not to worry, waiting until 2013 to build would ensure that there would be 20 bunnies and not just one living on our land.

But I needed some sort of countdown or ticker, so that I could feel myself getting closer to those bunnies. So here it is! Gotta love the turtle :)  You can track our countdown on the Home page, too, and watch us bicycle our way off-grid!

  • http://eagergridlessbeaver.wordpress.com eagergridlessbeaver

    ..everything will take longer than you expect (at least for us it did due to us doing most of the work ourselves)…be prepared as it took me 18 months just to find the right piece of land/property for our off-grid dwelling. Going off-grid is easy but the most important thing is to start small if you ask me..and go from there. We originally went off-grid with no power at all as a cost saving measure and slowly working at it from there ) started with flashlights and lamps for lights and a hand pump for water..the we upgraded to a car battery and a 12v lamp..then on to a battery bank, inverter..etc)

    Anyway, good luck and go find some land…the rest of the plans won’t matter without land ( my GF wants bunnies too..but she wants them to be raised as food and not wild animals( rabbit meat is very lean and it is one of the easiest animals to raise as well as butcher ..hopefully that is not bad news! hehe)

    • http://makeripples.wordpress.com Amanda

      Thanks bunches for those words of encouragement! It’s nice to know others are already off-grid and taking things one step at a time. I’m excited to read your blog!

      I would be ok with having no electricity in the early stages; we just haven’t figured out how to get income without the computers (neither of us want to be full-time farmers) and currently we live car-free. I’ve heard many people are raising rabbits for meat, and it’s helped many a family survive in different parts of the world. We’d like to have rabbits for ecosystem balance and perhaps a bunny mower to keep ticks & chiggers at bay.