Broom Rentals

broom_rentalsThis whimsical piece kinda created itself while I was working at Himalayan Mountain Shop in the fall of 2014.  And it was a group effort, in a way.  On the back of a yellow sales receipt, I sketched out a concept for a Halloween card that arose from my idea that witches probably weren’t the only ones that wanted to fly on broom sticks. As customers came into the store, I would ask them which animals I should add to the broom.  I drew in their suggestions and added some of my favorite animals.

Not wanting to miss the fun on Halloween night, the animals in my drawing decided to rent a broom for 5 cents and go flying across the full moon just like witches do. A black cat, an orange tabby kitten, an owl, a mouse, a bat, a frog and a spider crowded onto the broom stick and took off. The owl and the bat especially enjoyed the ride, since for once they could fly without flapping their wings!

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