Ripples_About_Pg_Graphic_Oct_26_2015_001Ripples is based on the “ripple effect” idea that small actions can ripple outward and create a better world.  This is a personal project that began in 2011. We’re looking at every lifestyle decision we make (careers, food, house, transportation, etc) and asking ourselves: “How can we make a difference with this choice, for both people and planet?”  By sharing the nitty-gritty details about what we’re doing – via blog, printed newspaper column, online educational center, local workshops, podcasts, videos, and social media – we hope to make it easier for others to make a difference across a variety of good causes.

This website is an emerging online educational center which we hope will be a resource for people wanting to change their own lifestyles to make a difference for both people and planet.  Our future “on the ground” headquarters will be in a sustainable earthbag cottage located at the historic Johnson Pear Farm on Mt. Kessler in the Arkansas Ozark Mountains, USA.  In partnership with the land owner and the Northwest Arkansas Land Trust, we’re helping to protect 169 acres for native habitat conservation as part of our choice to make a difference with our house.

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About Amanda & Ryan


Amanda Bancroft

I’m a writer, artist and naturalist passionate about conservation and global collaboration.  Everything I do is “life crafting,” creating a world I want to see exist through personal lifestyle changes.  It’s fun, fulfilling, and one of the best ways I’ve found to follow Gandhi’s wisdom and “be the change.”  My favorite hobby is watching wildlife, and I’m frequently out in the woods connecting with nature.  I love books, my black cat Solo, and my husband Ryan, who has been my amazing life partner for almost 10 years!





Ryan Bancroft

Ryan Bancroft

I enjoy video games, learning about all aspects of web, network, and server technology, creating and thrilling in music, and long walks exploring distant mountain ranges. I split my time between working on non-profit websites; pondering the power, and ways to improve the process, of cooperation while being the Network Administrator at Ozark Natural Foods; chatting, walking, or snuggling with my lovely partner; and challenging myself to embrace the beauty and serenity in every moment, especially the challenging ones.

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