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In 2011, we started asking ourselves how we could make a difference with all those choices everybody faces in life: what to eat, where to work, what transportation method to use, even what kind of home to build! We believe that we can gradually change our life in order to change the world and "make ripples." By sharing the nitty-gritty details about what we're doing - via blog, newspaper column, and social media - we hope to make it easier for others to achieve their own goals.

This website is solar-hosted by AISO and provides free informational resources (books, links, organizations, tips, and more) to those who want to change their own lifestyles to make a difference for both people and planet.  It's a lifelong work in progress and we update it regularly.

In 2018, we're moving into the Ripples Basecamp (an off-grid tiny house on wheels being built by Backcountry Tiny Homes) to be placed on a leasehold where we currently live, at the Historic Johnson Farm on Kessler Mountain in the Arkansas Ozark Mountains, USA.  In partnership with the land owner, the Northwest Arkansas Land Trust, and many other organizations, we're helping to protect 168 acres for native habitat conservation.

Amanda Bancroft

I'm a writer, artist and naturalist who enjoys drawing pet portraits, illustrating children's books, designing greeting cards, and writing for magazines and newspapers.  My favorite hobby is watching wildlife, and I'm frequently out in the woods or walking country roads connecting with nature or participating in citizen science projects like NestWatch and FrogWatch.  I love reading books, cuddling my black cat Solo and my husband Ryan, who has been my amazing life partner for over 10 years! We also enjoy traveling when we get the chance, and are lifelong learners. I'm a Unitarian Universalist (it's worth a Google if you don't know what that is) which helps me keep my life principle-centered and has complemented our Ripples journey.

Ryan Bancroft

Ryan Bancroft

I enjoy video games, learning about all aspects of web, network, and server technology, creating and thrilling in music (guitar's my jam), and long walks exploring areas near and far, especially if they are elevated. I split my time between managing this site; pondering the power, and ways to improve the process, of cooperation while being the Network Administrator at Ozark Natural Foods; chatting, walking, or snuggling with my lovely partner; and challenging myself to embrace the beauty and serenity in every moment, especially the challenging ones.

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